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Own UK property?

Borrow £10k - £1 Million for your business...

Get a Secured Business Loan for any business or commercial need!

Apply in minutes

Get approved the same day

Receive the funds within 24 hours

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Business loans regardless of turnover or history

With our bespoke lending line, we can finance up to £1 Million regardless of your business Trading History, Revenue, Profit or Credit Score by using a UK property as security. This can also be a 3rd party property!


We can even lend to BRAND NEW LTD COMPANIES 

You can use the funds for...

✔ Cash flow

 Working capital

✔ Equipment

 Finance a new project

 Take on new staff

 Property Development



Apply for your business loan in minutes...

Industries we can finance...





Retail & Services







Not listed? We do!

£10k-£1 Million     1 -5 Year Terms     Funds within 24 Hours

How do I apply for a loan with Frontline?

 Step 1 

Apply online

Complete our loan application form  HERE 

 Step 2 

Same-Day Decision

We will give an approval in principle within just 4 hours

 Step 3 

Accept & Receive Funds

We will make you a loan offer and you can receive the funds in as little as 24hrs

Why use Frontline Finance?

Low Rates

We can offer some of the best rates available for business loans. Our transparent quotes will allow you to see exactly what you will repay, and when

£10k - £1 million

From £10k to £1m, and terms of up to 6 years, we can provide the funds that can allow you to grow your business with the capital on hand, when you need it. 

Same Day Approval

We can move FAST! The ball is in your court - once you provide the information that we require, and depending on the time of the day we can have an approval to you the same day! 

Funds within 24 hours

Once you have agreed to your funding offer, you can have the funds in your business bank account within 24 hours of completion


Apply for your business
loan today!

Apply in minutes

Get approved same day

Receive funds within 24 hours

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